Casual Pursuit

For some reason the words “casual pursuit” hit me today. In reading Luke 5, we find Jesus calling His first disciples. The scene is set with Jesus standing by a lake sharing the word of God with people. While there he sees a few boats and some fishermen cleaning up after a day at work. Jesus then goes down to the water and jumps in the boat and asks one of the fishermen to push to boat out a little and then continued to teach people from the boat.

So was Jesus just looking for a different perspective to continue teaching? I’m not sure why the change in teaching places, but in verse 4 we see that when He was done speaking he asked Simon to head out into the deep water and go catch some fish. The story then goes on to tell the multitude of fish that were caught on a day when the fishermen spent day and night trying but caught nothing, until now!

It was after reading this story that the idea of “casual pursuit” hit me. Putting myself in the context of this story, I often find myself trying to hear from God while He is teaching from the shallow waters. As soon as He says, let’s head out into the deep I find myself much less willing. The result I see from this is a casual pursuit of my faith.

I don’t want to live a life in a casual pursuit, but I want to be willing to head into the deep waters. My two sons love to go swimming and while they are more than capable to play in the shallow end, they love it when dad takes them into the deep end. In the same way, our Father in Heaven sees a multitude in the shallow end where they can touch the bottom and live a safe life. Then there are those who are willing to step into the deep end with confidence that God is there with a tremendous blessing. It might be costly, but it’s worth it! Who wants to jump into the deep end with me!!

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