1st in Class


At the core of what we do here in Ethiopia is a deep desire to see the women we work with not just survive but thrive.  We try to keep the stories we share with you real and honest, not always about the good things but some of the difficult things.  Today, we want to share the good, and perhaps even one of the greatest moments of our time here.  This morning Brittany and I walked into the office at Ellilta Products where we produce scarfs and Meselu, one of the women who has been working with us the longest, grabbed us and told us she had something to show us.  The smile on her face was huge and I honestly had no idea what to expect.  Meselu then handed me Eyob’s, her 8 year old son, report card.  I looked down at the bottom where it said “Rank” and it said “1/44″  Yep, 1st in his class!  Here is a mother, a single hard working mother, who just a few years ago was forced to work the streets to provide for Eyob.  Now as she has a good job that has given her dignity and opportunity to work hard during the day and be home with her children at night, she is not only thriving but her son is at the top of his class and with huge potential.  This couldn’t better represent what want to see more of here in Ethiopia, women who know their God given worth and value while being empowered to change their life, their families life, and this country.  Thank you for being part of this with us!


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